Something Wicked 2016

Here are the paintings we submitted to the annual Something Wicked show at Side Street Studio Arts. We decided that …

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BAM! – September 2013

We were lucky enough to participate in two other group shows at Side Street Studio Arts in September 2013. They were ‘Art Everywhere’ and ‘Something’s Brewing’. These small shows were the lead-in to the month-long ‘Something Wicked‘ show that we will also be participating in.


BAM! – The Small Series

Side Street Studio Arts sent out a challenge to local artists. They wanted to do a gallery show of works no larger than a postcard.  Coincidentally Bruce had been bringing over stacks of very tiny frames and we had been creating tiny paints for a few weeks. It’s a challenge to paint at that size and I believe it made us insert more ‘story’ into each of the pieces. Brad and Holly got involved in a few of the paintings too.

The gallery opening was on Thursday, 9/12/2013.

Warrantee Expired

Calling All Robots

When Dave Metzger and John LaFleur contacted us and asked if we wanted to be a part of Elgin’s first Calling All Robots pop-up gallery show to benefit Elgin’s Got Robot team, we jumped at the chance.  The show was held on Friday, 4/5/13 at the retail space under the ArtSpace Lofts in downtown and was an amazing success.

We had sizable crowds all night long and were in very good artistic company.  Dave Metzger had some wonderful prints of his robot artwork, Jeff Kehoe built a 9 foot tall robot with a TV in it’s chest, Maria at Viking Thrift had a striking robot manequin and we even had an original piece from Eric Joyner.

Thank you to all who attended.

Whistling Some Shapes

BAM! – The Collaborative Art of Bruce and Mike.

“Check your ego at the door.” is the driving thought when local artists Bruce Bachelder and Mike Rende set out to create their modestly sized art.  The artists each start a painting and then hand it to each other to complete.  Sometimes they understand what the original vision for the painting was, but it’s always more interesting when they don’t and something even more unexpected erupts onto the canvas.

Influenced by both high and low brow art, their favorite artists include Herge, Jack Kirby, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Art Spiegelman and Jim Woodring.

The opening reception was at the Martini Room on Wednesday, December 12th and featured roughly 50 pre-framed paintings in a variety of sizes with prices ranging from $20 to $250. Perfect for last minute gift giving if one of them inspired you.

We were also at the Martini Room on Saturday, 12/15/12with paints and some small canvases. We painted all night (in front of the live audience).

The show ran from 12/12/12 – 1/15/13.

Zombie Puppetteer

BAM! – The Monster Art of Bruce and Mike

SpaceTaste Gallery in Elgin wanted to have a tie-in event to co-inside with the 2012 Nightmare on Chicago Street event.  Luckily Bruce and I had been working on a series of monster paintings when Tim, the gallery owner, came to us to see if we wanted to have a show.