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“Check your ego at the door.” is the driving thought when artists Bruce Bachelder and Mike Rende set out to create their collaborative art. They strive to challenge each other’s creativity by constant experiments in fusing their disparate art sensibilities. This causes their work to continually evolve as they react to what the other has done. Through it all they love to add a playful element to most of their work that will hopefully elicit a smile from the viewer.

Bruce Bachelder and Mike Rende

Bruce Bachelder

Bruce graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in drawing.

In college Bruce started doing what we referred to as “Art Fights”, in which two (or more) artists would collaborate on one painting in an attempt to expand their own understanding of composition, color use and artistic expression.

So his next professional step seemed obvious—return to this method and push it to the next level.

Bruce spends his days helping pets in need at an animal eye clinic or making art even more beautiful at a frame shop where he works part time. Do you need something professionally framed? If so, accept Bruce as your ‘Personal Framer’.

His nights and weekends are spent with his wonderful twins…and painting!

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Mike Rende

Mike is also a Northern Illinois Graduate with a Painting degree. His artistic ‘fights’ with Bruce began back in college and continue to this day.

He is a founding member of Oddball Art Labs, an organization that has curated many interesting group art shows in Elgin including: “Calling All Robots”, “FezFest” and “Cheesecake: Seconds Please!”. in Elgin, IL

Mike’s days are filled by his web design and development business, sitebyMIKE.  If you are in need of a website, please feel free to contact him.

His nights and weekends are filled with ART!

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