The 33 | A Cabinet of Curious Characters

We were thrilled to have this series shown at the amazing Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago during February 2017. You can see the show on the gallery’s site here:!/

“The 33 – A Cabinet of Curious Characters” is our newest series of paintings.  They pull their inspiration from the old Cabinet Cards from the turn of the last century. Bruce’s mother stumbled on a box of them while cleaning out their basement. After pulling out all of the relatives she could identify, she planned to discard the remaining photos that were of people she did not know.  Bruce rescued them from that untimely fate and inspiration struck when he presented them to Mike.

The 33 Samples

Why not bring our ‘artistic misunderstanding’ to a more tangible format? Why not leverage a basic, clear, starting point and build on that? So we embarked on a challenge to create 33 new portraits.

Each 8″ x 11″ painting is professionally framed and features a metallic iridescence that unfortunately is not properly conveyed in these photos.

The 33 Gallery

Here’s the complete gallery of the 33. Click any painting below to see a larger copy.

Social Media Marketing

We’ve created a few ‘morphing’ gif versions of the paintings to use for online promotion.