Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Notice Filed Against Comic Book Artist

Friend of Dangerous Brains and excellent artist Rich Koslowski was recently targeted by a fraudulent DMCA Takedown notice. This is when someone contacts your web host claiming that the content on your site violates their copyright and demands that the host remove the pages.

The horrible thing in this case is that the person filing the claim against Rich was someone who Rich had to sue years ago for violation of his own copyright. Rich won in court and the guy apparently wasn’t happy that Rich’s page talking about the court case gets such high search engine placement. So this jerk send a takedown notice against Rich.

Rich needed to defend his claim and send in supporting evidence that his content was not in violation. He won, again, of course.

Laws like the DMCA are there to help protect artists.  It’s such a shame when someone violates them the way this jerk did.

Congratualtions on your latest victory Rich.