For many years, I ran, a site devoted to the artwork of my friends and myself.  The site originally launched in 1998 and I’m proud to say that the site often resided in the top ten google search results for ‘fine arts’ for the first few years. Over the past several years though, everyone has launched their own websites focusing specifically on their own work.

Unfortunately has gotten rather stale and will be going into hibernation for the foreseeable future.  We’ll maintain a list to the former contributors on our links page and will add links to many talented artists we’ve met over the years.

Fine Arts Guild

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  1. I love your new site, Mike. Thanks for the FineArtsGuild while it lasted. And thanks, especially, for adding me to the links in your new site! Sending very positive vibes your way ~ ~ ~

  2. Barbara, the FineArtsGuild site did serve us well, but now that everyone has their own sites, it’s time has passed.

    I’m glad you like the new site, but it was set up in a rush for the SpaceTaste show during Nightmare on Chicago Street. I have more changes planned for the future.

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